Guides and Tutorials:

There are a number of tutorials and introductory resources available on most topics related to cluster computing in our environment. We've attempted to choose the "best of breed" resources, and present them here.

ACMMaC Cluster Handbook

A Handbook for the ACMMaC Cluster, including information on connecting, using graphical applications, submitting jobs, accessing your cluster files, an FAQ, and more.

Introduction to Linux

A tutorial on Linux, the flavour of Unix used on our cluster. This should be helpful for any other Unix as well.

Introduction to Parallel Computing

An introduction to the concepts in parallel (and cluster) computing. Discusses hardware configuration, parallel programming methods, and design of parallel programs. For your reference while reading the tutorial, our environment is technically a Hybrid Distributed-Shared Memory model, with 20 nodes with independent memory, where each node has 2 CPUs which share its memory.

Designing and Building Parallel Programs

An online book about contructing parallel programs, including sections on performance analysis, case studies, and information about particular technologies common in cluster computing.

Introduction to MPI

A WebCT course offered by NCSA on using MPI in cluster computing, primarily in FORTRAN and C. Since MPI is the primary technology used for cluster computing, the concepts here carry over to other products which provide cluster computing capabilities (e.g. Rmpi)

Introduction to R

An introduction to the R language. R is a free implementation based on the S language, and is used largely for statistical computing.

Introduction to Parallel R Programming using Rmpi

An introduction to creating parallel R programs using the MPI module for R - Rmpi.

Matlab Getting Started Guide

Introductory Information on using Matlab


Following is a list of manuals for various software available on the Centre's computing environment. Only manuals which may be publically reproduceable are available here. For manuals on other products, please contact the Centre.

N1 Grid Engine 6 User's Guide (download pdf)

The user's guide for the job submission system we are using.

Rmpi Manual

The manual for R's MPI library

Mathematica Documentation

Online documentation for Mathematica 5.1

Mathematica Parallel Toolkit Documentation

Mathematica's Toolkit for cluster computing. We have version 1.0, which has some slight differences from this documentation. To get the documentation for the current version, access the Help menu in Mathematica, select help for "Add-Ons & Links", and select the "Parallel Computing Toolkit"

NOTE: We have connected Mathematica to Grid Engine in such a way as to take care of determining which machines are free, and configuring the settings necessary to run LaunchSlaves[]. Documentation for using this will be available shortly.

Online Matlab Manuals

Online Manuals for Matlab on the MathWorks site.